Overhead PA Announcements

The wotshop overhead pa announcement service supplies professionally recorded ads for shopping centres Australia wide, providing a simple and cost effective way for you to promote your products, stores and promotions to potential customers.

Our overhead pa announcement service offers a diverse range of quality male and female voices across various ages and styles that are matched to your product, store or promotion to deliver the best results for your business.

Announcements are recorded from scripts supplied by shopping centre management and stores, copy written by us, radio ads or soundtracks from television ads. Turnaround time is normally 24hrs. This can be slightly longer during extremely busy periods of the year. 

The overhead pa announcement service is designed to be used together with the  choonz overhead music service as announcements are scheduled to play between songs provided by this music service throughout the day/evening, normally during business hours. Announcements are distributed evenly throughout music content over eight 30 second ad breaks per hour.

For further information email [E-Mail via form] or call us on 02 9888 3078